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Sub-Saharan Africa has been — and continues to be — treated like a resource extraction zone for the rich and powerful people of the world.

Slaves, oil, diamonds, rubber, land, culture, sports prospects — nearly every commodity you can think of has been stolen, swindled, bribed, or conned away from the people and non-human lifeforms of Africa.

But there has always been resistance. Now we hope to bring Deep Green Resistance to Africa. From now on, each Saturday we will focus some of our posts on this region of the world.

We have a few members across sub-Saharan Africa, and we hope to expand — to find like-minded people who prioritize the natural world and want to fight and organize for justice and sustainability. We also hope that the strategies and tactics discussed in the book “Deep Green Resistance”, and on our website, will be useful to African activists in their work.

Image: A historian’s imagining of what Africa would look like had it never been colonized along arbitrary boundaries.

Parents of Cheyenne-Arapaho Teen Killed by Police’s Seven Bullets Still Seek Justice


"The protest called “Protest against Police Brutality” will be held today, Friday, September 26, at the Oklahoma State Capitol, South Plaza from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., local time, "USA."

The Goodblankets still seek justice for the killing of their son by law officers. Their nightmare began last year on December 21, 2013 when they called 911 when Red Bird, who was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder several years prior, was experiencing an episode associated with his medical condition.

The police were called so that the teen would not harm himself.

Two Custer County sheriff deputies, Avery Chance and Dillon Mach, initially responded and entered the Goodblanket home in Clinton, Oklahoma with two Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers. Within moments of entering the home, the teen was shot to death by law enforcement officers.

An autopsy performed on the teen found he was shot seven times with wounds to his head, torso, and right upper arm. Red Bird was also shot two times by a taser gun.”

Non-indigenous members of DGR remember that we are living on stolen land in the midst of an ongoing genocide. The task of the non-indigenous is to build solidarity with indigenous people. We are enmeshed in overlapping systems of sadistic power built on stolen wealth, white privilege, misogyny, and human supremacism. As individuals, it is our responsibility to acknowledge those systems, overcome our entitlement, and make alliances with the dispossessed. Collectively, it is our task to bring those systems down.

Read DGR’s Indigenous Solidarity Guidelines here:

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